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The Challenges of Raising Finance: the Covid Crisis

Published 1st August 2021

Developing accommodation projects is a challenging and time consuming process, as we have seen on many occasions. A recent multi-million project in Nigeria hit the buffers when....


Solar Thermodynamic Heaters: the Sustainable future of Hot Water?

Published 2nd November 2020

We have been looking at the relatively little-known solar thermodynamic water heaters, which can be used for creating domestic hot water and powering underfloor heating with minimal environmental impact.


New Aura residential project in Eastern Europe

Published 16th July 2020

Aura Communities are pleased to announce that initial MOUs have been signed and negotiations are taking place for a new community development project, outside a major European city. Further details will appear in due course.

Solar Power increases during 2017

Published 11th April 2018

Aura Communities work with the ever expanding solar power generation market and are pleased to report this clears technology continues to develop. 2017 was a landmark year for the development of solar power generation, according to a new report


Some Swedish Town Halls are in for a big surprise…

Published 14th December 2016

Some Swedish town halls are in for a big surprise - and not of the good kind. Almost all Swedes know that their country is currently experiencing the worst housing shortage ever in history. Also, that it has been...


The Rise of the Mini Grid in Kenya

Published 15th November 2016

The Kenyan Government are addressing the increasing demand for reliable and affordable electricity supplies to rural areas through the encouragement of decentralised mini grids....


Passive House Explained in 90 seconds

Published 20th October 2016 

The Passive House standard was first agreed in May 1988 through a series of test projects. The first built examples were constructed in Darmsted, Germany in 1990 as a row of four terraced houses. While the standards and technology have moved on considerably since then....


3 out of 6 European Cities top the 2016 housing bubble list

Published 29th September 2016

The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index has just been published and reports that a number of housing markets around the world are seriously overheating, with six at significant risk as property bubbles....


The Smart Meter Revolution

Published 12th September 2016

The UK is now starting a small revolution in the monitoring and controlling of gas and electricity usage in the home and business.

Between 2016 and the end...


London introduces the UK’s first “basement tax”

Published 9th September 2016

The London property market has traditionally seen very high prices in the Capital as the demand to live in this vibrant city continually outstrips supply.

The very high end of the market.....