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The Smart Meter Revolution

Published 12th September 2016

Smart Meters. Image used by courtesy of Smart Enegry GB

The Smart Meter Revolution

The UK is now starting a small revolution in the monitoring and controlling of gas and electricity usage in the home and business.

Between 2016 and the end of 2020, energy suppliers across the UK will be responsible for installing around 53 million smart meters to more than 30 million premises, at no cost to the property owner, in an effort to bring down energy usage through monitoring energy consumption in both real time and over historic periods.

These new generation devices will be fitted to the gas and electricity supplies to the property and through a dedicated wireless network will transmit the consumption information to both a handheld display device within the property and also externally to the supplier.

The home/business owner can see how much energy they are using in pounds and pence, in almost real time.  The smart meters will also automatically send the meter readings to the energy supplier once a month, meaning accurate monthly bills and the end of estimates.

The aim of the smart meter is to use technology to automate the entire billing process for the supplier and to collect data of how energy is used, in order to inform future changes to power generation requirements and to monitor how energy usage varies with property type and location.

For the consumer, being able to monitor energy usage and cost in near real time, plus how much energy was used in the past hour, week, and month etc. with associated costs is a powerful tool.  The ability to compare if the electricity and gas usage is high, medium or low compared to the norm, can be used to change habits on how the utilities are used and most importantly used to save money.

Further information is available at Smart Energy GB