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Aura Communities Limited is an international real estate development company based in London. Our team have extensive experience in real estate development from working on three continents.

Our expertise starts with strategic place development, through to design, construction and even property brokerage. We also have an extensive network of international investors, construction companies, researchers and project managers.

Our passion is working in the design, architecture and project management sectors, delivering turnkey and bespoke solutions for a sustainable society.

Our team has worked with many prestigious development projects worldwide, including the 2012 London Olympic Games construction projects in the UK and Sweden, commercial and residential projects in Spain, the development of urban design projects for the World Bank and the UN in Kenya, as well as projects for private developers in China.

Sustainable Development

It's not just an overused buzzword; "Sustainable" has a real meaning and brings with it an important responsibility. It's about reducing energy usage in buildings, about building in harmony with nature and encouraging an overall awareness of working alongside nature, and embracing our communities. We all need somewhere to live, work and play, and by thinking and acting in a manner which reduces our impact on the natural environment - and develops communities -  we can all benefit from an increased sense of wellbeing, security and can thrive in buildings which delight us.


By carefully managing every project with an experienced team, we are able to reduce risk, control costs and ensure a high quality end result.

Do it better next time
Low Energy Design


Technology is changing rapidly, meaning that it is more important than ever to use new techniques, technology and materials which are faster, cheaper, greener and deliver a higher performance.


Every project is approached from a low energy design perspective. Building orientation and types of renewable technology are considered for every project. One size does not fit all, however the goal is the same.

Build Tight
Reduce Construction Waste


By fabricating off-site where possible and planning the construction process carefully, waste material during the construction process is reduced and recycled where possible.


Ventilate right. It's the basis of the Passivehouse philosophy but applies to all construction. Build to a high quality, build tight to minimise energy waste and add efficient ventilation to ensure a healthy building.


We never sit still and are always determined to do the next project with lower energy use, increased efficiency in construction and with greater value to our clients.